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Founded in September 2010, Valen-Scribe is a global business service and experience management company that helps global brands deliver improved consumer experiences via effective back office support. Over the years, Valen-Scribe has increased its portfolio of solutions to target the wide range of business and customer interactions.

With a presence in global countries, and abundant locations Valen-Scribe manages over a good number of customer interactions with the help of its back office solutions for a wide range of clients across verticals such as Telecom, Healthcare, Travel and Hospitality, Consumer Goods, Retail, and Technology. Valen-Scribe manages, enables, extends, and enhances business experiences for its clients and their customers.


Valen-Scribe brings together an experienced team of transcribers. Our team collectively works towards attaining excellence in customer relationship management.

The customer service outsourcing needs addressed by Valen-Scribe are tailormade to suit the diverse needs of every sector and client. This helps us meet our client’s expectations and deliver exceptional services that prove highly beneficial to their business. Customer experience management has become a crucial part of every sector which business sectors now understand and we help them achieve this goal with our expertise and skilled staff.

A culture of success
Valen-Scribe's culture is unique in terms of recognizing its employees as the foundation of its success. We invest in our people because we recognize their importance in our partnerships with clients. In the virtual business environment, there is no difference between your team and ours; more importantly, there is no difference between your customer and ours.

Vision, Mission and Values

At Valen-Scribe we envision to constantly innovate in order to have superior execution for our clients.

This vision is further articulated through the acronym VIEW, which guides our thoughts, plans and actions, a cause for our efficiency and customer focus and a trademark from the very beginning.


At Valen-Scribe, our vision, VIEW, provides a framework for our operations. To achieve our goals, we approach this company vision with the mantra — happy employees and happy customers.

Happy employees 
Provide progressive opportunities and platforms that nurture people to participate, learn and unleash prosperity through constant and relevant engagement.

Happy customers
Co-create with our customers and provide them superior value through our global delivery platform and a class of service that is customized and innovative to meet and exceed their expectations.


Passionate, responsive, inspiring, innovative, honest, focused, energetic and committed.

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We are a one-stop solution for all kinds of transcription services. Our dedicated and experienced team handles your transcription jobs with the utmost professional care.

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